Find the perfect Brake Free helmet mount for all of your helmets.

If you have more than one helmet, you'll need extra helmet mounts.

swap helmets with ease

Switching Brake Free from one helmet to another is super simple! Attach our mounts to all your helmets, and that's it!

Questions we hear often

Brake Free unit comes with a single Universal Mount. If you have more than one helmet, you'll want to get additional mounts.

XL Mounts are intended for 2XL size helmets or larger. They are also required for use with all Ruroc Atlas helmets. XL mounts are 5mm thicker than universal mounts and offer extra clearance.

We designed a custom mount for perfect fitment on the popular Shoei RF1400 helmet mode. You ONLY need this mount for RF1400 model. Our universal mount works well for all other SHOEI helmet models.

No. We use premium 3M VHB automotive grade adhesive that can be removed without leaving a mark on your helmet. Here's how.


person buckling white helmet with white Brake Free light mounted

Full face helmets

Fits all major helmet brands

Brake Free helmet on desk

Modular helmets

We fit most popular modular helmets including AGV, LS2, Shark, Scorpion, Sedici, Schuberth, KLIM, Shoei, ILM and more.

Brake Free smart helmet brake light on a half helmet for motorcyclist

Half Helmet

Fits all half helmet brands

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