Brake Free smart brake light accessory for motorcycle helmets shown on 2 different helmetsBrake Free smart helmet brake light on Shoei RF1200
Step Up your Visibility

Brake Free

Alex Arkhangelskiy (CEO) and Henry LI (COO) appearing on ABC's Shark Tank Season 12 episode 8. Pitching Brake Free to Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, Barbara Corcoran, Lori Greiner, and Kevin O'Leary

+Meet Brake Free+

Since Shark Tank filmed our episode in 2019 we have shipped more than 10,000 units to our customers and received hundreds of glowing reviews.

Brake Free is made by RIDERS for RIDERS.

- Brake Free Team

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What Our Customers Are Saying

ultra visible
be seen all day + Night

Brake Free packs a punch with 100 Ultra Bright LEDs to keep you visible

We've got your back!

Brake Free - wireless helmet brake light - visible day and night with 100 ultra bright LEDs and 120 degrees viewing angle
Brake Free - smart wireless brake light has 3 different modes. Switch easily with a quick press of the power button.
3 Different modes
Command attention

Command attention with a choice of 3 different light modes.

Be seen!

smart brake detection
A Better brake light

Brake Free uses gyrometer + accelerometer in combination with our patented brake detection algorithm to detect all types of braking.

No apps to install.
No wiring required.

Smarter than OEM brake lights!

Brake Free wireless brake detection can accurately detect regular braking, engine braking, downshifting, and emergency braking. Our proprietary algorithm also ignores any head movements to limit false activations.
Brake Free wireless helmet brake light automatically detects any and all braking events and ignores head movements
Accurate brake detection
Like Magic

Our smart algorithm and sensors make brake detection highly accurate.

Ignoring head checks and other head movements.

Switching helmets
It's So easy

Switching Brake Free from helmet to helmet is super simple. Simply attach our universal mount to all your helmets.

Be seen to be safe

BRAKE FREE is the brightest smart high-visibility helmet accessory with built-in wireless brake detection.

BRAKE FREE easily mounts to most helmets. It is detachable, so you can mount to multiple helmets and requires no apps, no wiring, and no hassle.


Brake Free smart helmet brake light on Shoei RF1200Brake Free smart helmet brake light on Shoei RF1200
Be seen to be safe

BRAKE FREE is an ultra bright and smart LED brake light that instantly improves your visibility.

It mounts on the back of the helmet you already own and with its constant LED light at a driver's eye level, you'll be more visible both day and night.

Brake Free In THe News

Web Bike World review of Brake Free - 95 out 100 rating
Brake Free - smart helmet brake light - key Features - light weight - completely wireless - long battery life - no apps, no wires, no hassles - ultra bright with 100 LEDS - be seen day and night
Brake Free - smart wireless helmet brake light is IP65 rated and can be safely ridden in the rain, snow, and dirt.

IP65 Rated

Brake Free can take it all!
Don't forget
Extra Helmet mounts
2-pack for $12.99
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