Brake Free

Smart Brake Light For Your Helmet

Be seen to be safe

Brake Free is the brightest smart, high visibility helmet accessory with built-in wireless brake detection.

Brake Free easily mounts to most helmets. It is detachable, so you can mount to multiple helmets and requires no apps, no wiring, and no hassle.


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Brake Free is an ultra bright and smart LED brake light that instantly improves a your visibility.

It mounts on the back of the helmet you already own and with its constant LED light at a driver's eye level, you'll be more visible both day and night.

Worth every penny! From build quality to ease of use, every aspect of this product is well engineered. I just went for a ride and two bikers asked me where to buy it.

Steven L
Brake Free Features

What riders are saying

Brake Free is certainly brighter than I expected during daylight; which can only be a very good feature. And is shines positively like a laser at dawn early morning riding. Very pleased.

C. Theron

We took it through some really hard rain and it worked well through it.

E. Winsor (IndieGoGo Backer)

Brake Free is the best safety product in the biker market!
J. Umer (@DutchWesp)

I’m in favor of anything that improves my visibility to others and reduces the chance some idiot driver will run into me because they weren’t paying attention. The Brake Free light does that in an easy-to-use, effective manner, greatly increasing my odds of safe wind therapy.

B. Hern (IndieGoGo Backer)

F’ing bright! Like a factory fitted LED vehicle bright.

I. Walker (IndieGoGo Backer)

After riding with Brake Free for many hundreds of miles, I can say that Brake Free is the best way of ensuring that drivers around you see you while you are riding in all conditions.

M. Sherman (IndieGoGo Backer)

Adventure ready

Ride In Any Weather

Rain, snow, sleet, dust, dirt

Day or night. Brake Free is ready for all of it.

Lab tested - IP65 rated 

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ultra visible

be seen all day & Night

Brake Free is super visible, even in the day time

3 Different modes

Command attention

smart brake detection

A Better brake light

Brake Free wireless brake detection can accurately detect regular braking, engine braking, downshifting, and emergency braking
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