About Us

We are a team of riders with a love and passion for motorcycles. We wanted to share our love for the sport by creating beautiful and highly functional products for our fellow riders.

Brake Free founding members

Who is

The Brake Free Team

Our company got started on an idea that motorcycle safety does not have to come at the expense of style. We believed safety gear could be functional and stylish. 

We began building our first prototype in April, 2014. The idea was simple. Find a way to improve rider visibility with a product the rider would be proud to wear.

Early Sketches

We agreed that the product would have to be very simple to use, simple to install, and make a huge difference in improving visibility.

Riders are invisible in traffic!

The problem

our solution to all of these problems

Brake Free

The Tech

Brake Free wireless brake detection can accurately detect regular braking, engine braking, downshifting, and emergency braking

No fuss, no apps, no wires

First truly wireless brake detection

In April, 2017 we launched our IndieGoGo crowdfunding project to bring Brake Free to the world. And with the help of 2,138 backers we are now bringing Brake Free to the world. 

We believe in creating truly useful and beautiful products that help solve real world problems. We will continue to innovate and develop new and novel products to serve the sport we love.

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