About Break Free Technologies

We are a team of riders with a passion for motorcycles. We wanted to share our love for the sport by creating beautiful and highly functional products for our fellow riders.

Brake Free founding members

Our Co-founders

The problem

Riders are invisible!

We have a small visual footprint, our tail lights are out of eye level of most car drivers, and our brakes don't even show every time we are slowing down.

Not to mention our tail light does nothing for us, when the cars around us have 10 times the visibility.

We didn't like any of the existing solutions.

So we created our own!

Riders are invisible in comparison to a car. A car has 10 times the visibility with at least 3 lights forming a large triangle. In comparison, the motorcycle rider has only one tail light, below eye level for most drivers. Brake Free solves the problem

OUR Design philosophy

We agreed that the product would have to be very simple to use, simple to install, and make a huge difference in improving visibility.

Our company got started on an idea that motorcycle safety does not have to come at the expense of style. We believed safety gear could be functional and stylish. 

We began building our first prototype in April, 2014. The idea was simple. Find a way to improve rider visibility with a product the rider would be proud to wear.

designing Brake Free helmet light

Early Sketches

Brake Free - smart wireless brake light. 100 ultra bright LEDs. 120 degree viewing angle. Unmatched brightness.
Our solution

Brake Free

We designed Brake Free to fit on the helmets you already own, so you don't need to buy a new helmet. (unless you want to, go ahead... we won't judge)

We built it to be visually stunning, yet functional.

We packed it with 100 ultra bright LEDs and designed it to have a large visual footprint.

The Tech

We designed and patented our own sensor based technology to make Brake Free truly wireless. We didn't want riders to fuss with splicing wires, installing apps or spending a long time installing it on the helmet.

Simply stick on our universal helmet mount on the back of your helmet, attach Brake Free, and you're ready to ride.

It's simple + removable!

Brake Free wireless helmet brake light is easy to swap from helmet to helmet. Just mount our universal mount to all your helmets.
Brake Free wireless brake detection can accurately detect regular braking, engine braking, downshifting, and emergency braking. Our proprietary algorithm also ignores any head movements to limit false activations.
like no other

wireless brake detection

Our patented wireless brake detection technology uses a combination of gyrometer and accelerometers in automotive grade BOSCH IMU to detect any time you're slowing down: braking, engine braking, or downshifting.

We launched Brake Free on IndieGogo

In April, 2017 we launched Brake Free on a crowdfunding platform, IndieGoGo.
2,138 IndieGoGo backers helped bring Brake Free to the world.

(We can't thank our backers enough!)

Brake Free smart brake light for motorcycle helmets

Brake Free

a smarter way to be seen