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Shipping policy

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Returns and Warranty

Our Return Policy:

We offer a 30 day refund policy. The 30 days start from the moment the order has been delivered.

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Please email to request a return. We will provide details via email.

We offer a 1 year limited warranty policy to protect your purchase. Please review our Terms of Sale policy for details (it's in section 6)

General questions about Brake Free

Brake Free weighs 200 grams (7oz)

It doesn't. It's completely wireless. Unlike other "wireless" products, you actually don't need to wire anything to your bike at all.

Brake Free is completely autonomous. Brake Free uses built-in sensors and our proprietary algorithm to detect all braking events and ignore head checks and other non-braking events.

There's no need to splice any wires or download any apps. Just mount it to your helmet and you're ready to ride.

We use a combination of accelerometer and a gyrometer sensors inside the unit. Our patented algorithm takes in all the data from the sensors and determines with great accuracy any time you're slowing down, no matter how. (Engine braking, downshifting, and regular brakes)

The Brake Free fits helmet sizes XS to 3XL, matte and gloss finish, full face, 3/4 and half helmets. We fit-tested Brake Free on race helmets, street helmets, touring helmets, adventure helmets, modular helmets, and even some skateboard helmets, downhill bike helmets, and dirt bike helmets. Download our template to check fitment.

Helmets that require XL Mount

Ruroc Atlas 1.0 - 4.0

Sedici Strada II

Icon Airform


Helmets that do NOT work with Brake Free mounts

Bell Star helmets

Strength and Steel SS1600

Sena Outrush and Outrush R

Send us a message through the chat box at the bottom of the page if you'd like us to verify your specific helmet. Or contact us via email.

Yes! Although Brake Free was originally designed to work with motorcycles and mount to motorcycle helmets, it will work with any vehicle, electric skateboard, e-scooter, bicycle, OneWheel, snowmobile and more.

We designed Brake Free to be extremely simple to install and use. Brake Free is completely wireless and uses sensors and our proprietary algorithm to detect any time you're braking (engine braking, regular braking, and emergency stops).

So because it is completely wireless, we do not have a blinker function, that would require splicing wires on your bike.

There are three running light modes with Brake Free. 

Mode 1 - Standard Mode (all LEDs on)

Mode 2 - Pulsing Mode (left and right LED panels are pulsing)

Mode 3 - Stealth Mode (Center top and bottom LED panels are on as running lights). 

All three modes will activate all LED panels to 100% brightness during all deceleration events. 

To switch modes, quick press the power button to cycle through the modes while Brake Free is on.

More detailed information can be found in our user manual.


While charging Brake Free will have two circular indicator lights to the left and right of the top center LED panel pulsing.

When fully charged, those indicator lights will glow solid.

On start up, the center block lights will blink together to indicate the charge level.

3 blinks = 75-100% charge

2 blinks = 35-75% charge

1 blink = <35% charge

When the battery level falls below 25%, Brake Free will automatically switch to Stealth Mode (center block lights on as running lights) to conserve battery.

The circular indicator light on the left of the top center LED panel will blink as well.

Note: when in low power mode, you will not be able to switch to other modes until the battery is charged.

Short answer, 8-12 hours on average.

The longer answer is, the battery life depends on the type of riding you're doing, the mode you select, and the weather conditions. Brake Free has been known to last for 14+ hours in Stealth Mode on long-distance rides.

We use a top quality, high-capacity, 18650 rechargeable Lithium Ion battery.

It has a 3200 mAh capacity with 8-12 hours of riding on a single charge. 

We wanted to make sure you spend more time riding and less time charging your Brake Free.

No. The Brake Free unit is sealed and is not designed to be accessible by the user. Trying to replace the battery may result in a fire hazard if the wrong battery is used. Please don’t do it. Opening the unit will void the warranty.

With regular use, we expect your battery to function 5 years without dropping below 80% of original battery capacity.

Nope. We use a premium Lithium-Ion battery with a protection circuit that will not allow the battery to overcharge or overheat while charging or while in use.

Yes. If you have a power bank or any other power source that can charge a device using a USB cable, you can charge Brake Free while in use.

This is risky! You will have a cable tethered to your helmet, so use this feature at your own risk. We recommend charging the unit while off the bike, but you're a grown-up. Make your own decisions, be safe.

Between 2 and 3 hours to charge from low battery state to full charge.

Charging times may vary depending on the power source. The maximum charge rate is 1 Amp. 

The charge indicator lights should blink when charging and glow solid once the battery is fully charged.

(Indicator lights are the two circular lights left and right of the top center LED panel)

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