Brake Free smart wireless helmet brake light - now in a stunning white colorway
white Brake Free helmet light on white helmet
Brake Free - an ultra-bright smart LED brake light that instantly improves rider's visibility. 100 ultra bright LEDs make Brake Free visible day and night. Extremely effective high visibility solution for commuting on your motorcycle. Simple installation, no wires. Smart brake light for your helmet. Ride in any weather. Long lasting rechargeable lithium ion battery.
White Brake Free
White Brake Free
White Brake Free
White Brake Free
person buckling white helmet with white Brake Free light mounted
Brake Free - an ultra-bright smart LED brake light that instantly improves rider's visibility. This GIF highlights key features of Brake Free. Simple installation, no wires. Smart brake light for your helmet. Be seen day and night. Ride in any weather. Long lasting rechargeable lithium ion battery.

White Brake Free

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Brake Free is an ultra-bright smart LED brake light for your motorcycle helmet that instantly improves your visibility. No apps or wires needed, just mount it and go. See it in black.

Comes with universal and XL helmet mounts, micro USB charging cable, quick start guide, and more.

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Vinson C. 10/14/22

"Recently purchased and installed the Brake Free helmet light. This is a solid and well-worth investment, being a commuter, I feel much safer out there."

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Brake Free Technical Specifications

Battery info: 3200 mAh 18650 Li-Ion Cell

Riding time: 8-12 hours depending on riding condition and light mode

Operating temperature range:  -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F)

Charging temperature range: 0°C to 45°C (32°F - 113°F)

Charging Port: Micro USB charging (5V)

Charging Rate: 1 Amp Max 

Lights: 100 LEDs; 120° viewing angle

Weight: 200 grams

Dimensions: 184mm wide, 84mm tall, 30-40mm thick

Water resistance: IP65

Mount Adhesive: high-performance 3M VHB double-sided adhesive

White Brake Free Light - includes universal mount, xl mount, quick start guide, alcohol pad, Micro USB charging cable, and installation template

(1) Brake Free Unit
(1) Brake Free Universal Helmet Mount
(1) Brake Free XL Helmet Mount
(1) Brake Free Micro USB Charging Cable
(1) Quick Start Guide
(1) Installation Template
(1) Alcohol Wipe

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    Brake Free Light

    a smarter way to be seen
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    The Brake Free fits helmet sizes XS to XXL, matte and gloss finish, full face, 3/4 and half helmets. We fit-tested Brake Free on race helmets, street helmets, touring helmets, adventure helmets, modular helmets, and even some skateboard and bike helmets.

    We use a combination of accelerometer and gyrometer sensors inside the unit.

    Our patented algorithm takes in all the data from the sensors and determines with great accuracy any time you're slowing down, no matter how. (Engine braking, downshifting, and regular braking)

    Short answer, 8-12 hours on average. The longer answer is, the battery life depends on the type of riding you're doing, the mode you select, and the weather conditions. Brake Free has been known to last for 14+ hours in Stealth Mode on long-distance rides.

    We offer a 30 day refund policy. The 30 days start from the moment the order has been delivered. Here's the link to our full refund policy:


    Our wireless brake detection technology uses a combination of gyrometer and accelerometers with our powerful and patented brake detection algorithm that senses any time you're slowing down.

    swap helmets with ease

    Switching Brake Free from
    one helmet to another is
    super simple! Attach our
    mounts to all your helmets,
    and that's it!




    UV Protection has been a huge focus. We did a ton of testing to make sure the UV protection is top notch. We spent months perfecting the materials and additives to make sure these units stay beautiful for as long as possible.


    We did this to improve your experience, to make sure when you receive your White Brake Free you can mount it on your helmet(s) and start riding ASAP. The XL mount is our larger mount that adds 5mm of extra clearance for 2XL+ sized helmets, helmets with design features that need additional clearance to install Brake Free, or helmets with irregular curves like the Ruroc Atlas helmets.


    White Brake Free features a tinted lens that contrasts our stunning white unit. Aperfect mix of style and our signature brightness.


    We designed an all new packaging for White Brake Free Light, complete withbeautiful new graphics, improved internal design to keep Brake Free safe in transit to you, and premium unboxing experience.


    We switched to an automotive grade BOSCH sensor package. Same one that’s used on a number of high-end bikes for cornering ABS and wheelie control. Same functionality as before with a more robust IMU.


    We updated our design to make the power button easier to press. We implemented additional quality control steps. Every button is tested to our force specifications.